You can help


You can help by sympathising and sharing anything respectful that comes from the heart.

Sympathising with people who have lost a special person in their life means showing that you care and that you are sorry for them. Sharing our feelings makes us feel closer to the people around us. Sharing sympathy is an important part of many cultures around the world. Here on Mysympathy you may be touched by how someone has lived or died.

Keep the memory alive

You can help to keep the memory alive with a small donation starting from $5.

Prolonging an expired notice is a simple way to allow loved ones and acquaintances to express their sympathy and share special memories, even if you are not a member of the family.

Share a picture

You can help by sharing your digital photo of a known Australian or disaster to the public.

When an Australian celebrity dies or when a disaster strikes, we post a national notice on Mysympathy. As a free non-commercial service to the public, we don’t buy pictures of celebrities or disasters. Instead, we try to find photo’s in the public domain, licensed with Creative Commons or by asking permission from the rightful owners. Each photo is attributed with owner information and usage rights.

Spread the love

You can help by inviting people on social media.

Invite people to view a notice by social media or email. Each notice includes buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Email, etc. to let the world know that someone you have known is listed on

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